Where to Look for Caregiver Jobs In Canada

Everything a man does is for his well-being, and health is the ultimate. In Canada, people who are willing to watch over the old, young, or physically challenged individuals have a good career as caregivers.

The catch is that more folks need caregiving than the available caregivers in Canada.

This shortage of caregivers in Canada prompted the Canadian government to include the caregiver job in the National Occupation Code (NOC) list–that’s good news.

If you have genuine empathy to help people live a happier life and you are willing to do so across borders, then you should sit tight as I show you practical steps on how to land caregiver jobs in Canada.

This article will tell you where to look and how.

Duties of a Caregiver in Canada

In your daily routine, you’ll likely handle a bunch of personal and comfort care tasks.

Where to Look for Caregiver Jobs In Canada

This includes assisting with things the person can’t do alone anymore. Your main caregiver tasks might involve:

  • Helping with bathing and grooming
  • Doing laundry and assisting with getting dressed
  • Shopping for food and preparing meals
  • Light cleaning around the house
  • Making sure they take their meds
  • Providing rides
  • Assisting with moving around
  • Being a friend and offering emotional support
  • Talking to doctors and keeping an eye on medications

These tasks may not be such a burn if you genuinely care for people.

Types of Caregiver Jobs in Canada

Caregiver entails roles that revolve around taking care of an individual, making sure they’re protected, and helping to achieve maximum daily experiences.

Here are five caregiver jobs currently listed on Indeed in Canada:

#1. Children and Caregiver Support Worker at the Government of Saskatchewan in Regina, SK

  • Full-time position
  • Salary: $28.96–$36.30 per hour

#2. Live-in Caregiver at Senior Homecare by Angels Calgary in Calgary, AB

  • Part-time position (Monday to Friday)
  • Salary: $250 per day

#3. Health Care Assistant at Island Health in Victoria, BC

  • Full-time position
  • Salary: $28.74 per hour

#4. Live-in Caregiver/Live-in Home Support Worker at Remember When Homecare in Bedford, NS

  • Full-time position
  • Salary: $200–$225 per day

#5. Personal Caregiver at Bayshore HealthCare in Port Perry, ON

  • Multiple locations available
  • Salary: Not specified

These job listings give you a peek into caregiver opportunities in Canada.

Remember that salaries and roles can differ, so explore each option to understand specific requirements and perks.

Work Qualification for the Caregiver Programs in Canada

You can become a caregiver in Canada either through the Home Child Care Provider Pilot or Home Support Worker Pilot, both offer permanent residence to qualifying workers.

Starting April 30, 2023, to apply for certain immigration programs, you’ll need to meet these criteria:

Work Experience:

  • Have at least 12 months of full-time qualifying work experience in the 36 months before submitting your application.
  • The work experience must be in jobs under National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes 4411 or 4412.
  • It doesn’t have to be 12 months in a row; it just needs to add up to 12 months.
  • Full-time work means at least 30 hours of paid work each week.

Language Proficiency:

  • Provide language test results showing a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 5.


  • Have one year of Canadian post-secondary education or its foreign equivalent.

Admissibility Check:

  • Pass an admissibility check, covering health, criminality, and security.
  • Ensure your work experience syncs with the specified NOC codes and meets the defined criteria for successful immigration under these pilots.

Caregivers with experience in NOC 4411 (excluding foster parents) might qualify for permanent residence through the Home Child Care Provider Pilot:

  • Care for kids under 18 in your home or your employer’s home.
  • No need to live with your employer.
  • Foster parenting experience doesn’t count.

Caregivers with NOC 4412 experience (excluding housekeepers) could be eligible for permanent residence through the Home Support Worker Pilot:

  • Provide care for someone needing a home support worker, either in your home or your employer’s.
  • No requirement to live with your employer.
  • Only home support workers qualify under NOC 4412.
  • Housekeeping experience doesn’t count.

Language Levels:

Take an IRCC-approved English or French language test, aiming for CLB or NCLC 5 in writing, reading, listening, and speaking.


  • Complete at least a 1-year post-secondary educational credential, whether Canadian or foreign. For foreign education, get an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).


  • IRCC checks for admissibility to ensure no risk to Canadians’ health and safety.

Follow IRCC’s application guide for specific document requirements, such as biometrics, medical exams, and police clearance certificates.�

Carefully understand your unique document needs and eligibility fromIRCC.


#1. What are Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot?

Home childcare providers assist busy parents in looking after children, sometimes pitching in with household chores. On the other hand, home support workers focus on aiding senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and those undergoing rehabilitation.

#2. What are some caregiver employers in Canada?

According to Glassdoor, here are some employers of Caregiver Jobs in Canada:

#3. Best Job sites to find caregiver job opportunities in Canna?

Here are some of the best job sites to find caregiver opportunities in Canada:

There are more job sites to land caregiver jobs in Canada, feel free to do your research.


Caregiver Jobs in Canada is an all-season job. There are always the aged to take care of, the young to look after; there are the physically challenged to aid, and some with health issues to help recover.

Here’s how to go to Canada as a caregiver, first secure a job, and get an invitation from the sponsor company. Secondly, apply for a visa, fulfill all the eligibility and documentation; get your work permit, and off you go.

Searching online for caregiver job opportunities in Canada is one of the best options available, as an expert.

As a caregiver, you’ll be stretched with some responsibilities that you may find uncomfortable, however, you should be ready for it.�