How to Get Teaching Jobs for Foreigners in UK

You can teach in the UK as an internationally qualified teacher. It comes with numerous perks such as access to world-class educational systems and state-of-the-art facilities – depending on the level of teaching.

Followed by earning a competitive salary, you’ll get supported in your professional advancement, also, you’re open to life-changing job opportunities.

The best places you should consider teaching Jobs in the UK are Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland.�

However, you might not be qualified straight up for employment as a teacher in the UK, but you should keep reading to know how to train to teach in England as an international teacher.

Also, you should considerinternational qualified teacher status (iQTS) and get an automatic award of English qualified teacher status(if you don’t want to come to the UK for training).

In this article, we’ll talk about steps to getting a teaching job for foreigners in the UK.

Teaching Jobs For Foreigners In the UK as Qualified Teachers

As a qualified foreign teacher, you won’t need retraining to get teaching job employment in the UK, rather, you’ll be required to meet the following provisions:

How to Get Teaching Jobs for Foreigners in UK

  • You should apply for English ‘qualified teacher status’, or show similar qualifications and experience from a non-UK country.
  • A good grade of written and spoken English.
  • Pass the criminal check and safeguarding check organized by the employer.
  • Documents to prove a permit to live and work in the UK such as a visa and other related documents.

As an internationally qualified teacher applying to work in the UK, you’re entitled forinternational relocation payment (IRP) worth £10,000.

However, if you’re not yet qualified to work as a foreign teacher in the UK, you have to apply for theQualified Teacher Status(QTS).

#1. Applying for the Qualified Teacher Status(QTS)

QTS is a certificate that proves that a foreign teacher has been retained and is qualified to teach in UK-designated institutions.

You need QTS because  Schools in the UK use it as a measure of teaching skills and experience. As a foreign teacher, you’ll get easy employment with the QTS.

Internally qualified teachers are free to teach in the UK for 4 years with QTS, after 4 years, you must have one–meaning you need it anyway.�

However, free schools and private schools don’t usually require it before employment because it’s not legally binding.

If you wish to work in the UK as an international teacher, adding to QTS, you must apply for teaching employment in the UK, and a visa separately.

Applying for QTS as a Foreign Teacher

Are you from any of these countries:

  • Canada
  • the EEA
  • Guernsey
  • Gibraltar
  • Hong Kong
  • Jersey
  • New Zealand
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine

You cancheck if you meet the requirements for QTS and apply

However, if you’re from any of the countries below and you specialize in languages, mathematics, or science, qualifying  to teach 11 to 16-year-olds, you qualify to usethese services to validate your QTS:

  • Ghana
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Nigeria
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe

Find outthe experiences and qualifications requirements for awarding of QTS for non-UK teachers.

#2. Find a Teaching Job as an International Teacher in the UK

After you’ve secured QTS the next step is to search for teaching Jobs in the UK. Apply to individual schools only and not to the Department of Education.

Ensure that any designated learning institution you’re applying to is approved by the government to give visa sponsorship because, if the school is a sponsor, they’ll help you in the visa application process and also, will employ you.

However, apply for the job first, before applying for a visa.

On the other hand, if you can’t get your QTS, you’ll have to provide alternative evidence to QTS for your teaching and academic qualifications to show how they match up to English ones.

Guidelines on Applying for a Teaching Job in the UK

You should search by region, subject specialism, and age group. You’ll see most job vacancies advertised in March, April, or the first half of May. You’ll have to commence at the beginning of the school year in September.

Depending on the job site you’re using, you can set a job alert to be notified once there is a vacancy at any period of the year.

However, make ready to present the following on request:

  • educational and professional qualifications
  • employment history
  • personal statement
  • references

Note: your statement must contain your teaching approach, experiences, and how you would contribute to the life of the school. Ensure you give a good personal statement, find outhow to give a passed mark personal statement now.

If you’re shortlisted, you’ll be invited for an interview and asked to demonstrate your teaching skills afterward, you’ll go in for safeguarding and criminal record checks.

Applying for the UK Skilled Worker Visa

After you’ve been offered a teaching job in the UK, the next step is to apply for a skilled worker visa in the UK. At this point, if the school that employs you is a sponsor, they’ll support you in the visa application process.

Here ishow to apply for a skilled worker visa, what salary you will need to earn, and other types of visa you may be eligible for.


#1. What type of teachers are in demand in the UK?

Teachers in English, math, science, history, music, modern languages, and TEFL are in huge demand in the UK.

#2. What is the eligibility to retain to teach in the UK?

To train to teach in the UK, you’ll need:

  • GCSEs at grade 4 (C) or above in English, math science science if you want to teach primary
  • You need a degree in any subject to teach primary and secondary. if you have one or an equivalent qualification, you can do postgraduate teacher training


It’s true, teachers are in high demand in the UK but how to secure teaching Jobs for foreigners in the UK may not be that easy–you need the help of a sponsor-designated institution to support the visa application process.

You can find teaching jobs with visa sponsorship in the UK on hob sites like Indeed,, and many more.

Ensure that you have your ID cards, credentials, and Certifications showing your status as a professional teacher in your home country. Also, be found with a clean criminal record. Good luck.