How to Get Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

Agriculture is a major source of revenue in Canada, a with net profit of $23.2 billion in 2022. Canada farms cover over 62.2 million hectares or 6.2% of Canada’s land area. Such wealth spells that Agriculture won’t be obsolete anytime soon.

Now it doesn’t matter if the plantation process is 70% machine and 30% human, but harvesting is indisputably 89.9% human at the least–that’s where harvests and fruit pickers are needed for every fruit season in Canada.

So if you’re looking for an exciting new adventure, consider fruit-picking jobs in Canada. Tell you what; it’s recognized by theNational Occupation Code(NOC) of Canada meaning, you can migrate to Canada as a fruit picker.

In this article, you’ll learn how to get fruit-picking jobs in Canada for foreigners.

Which Fruits Are Available to Pick in Canada and When?

You can find fruit-picking jobs all through the time of the year in Canada, depending on where you are.

How to Get Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

In spring, Rhubarb and cherries are ripe for the picking. If you’re in British Columbia during this season, you’ll start cherry picking come May at Okanagan Valley to start cherry picking as early as May.

Also, strawberries are just ripening in May, making room for July and August produce to kick in.

When you think Summer; think raspberries, and apricots–peaches, peaches, nectarines, and plums are seen in late summer or early fall.

The fall is for apples, and Canada has varieties of apples ranging from the classic Granny Smith and Gala to Honeycrisp and Fuji. In addition, Pears, pumpkins, and grapes are also in season in the fall.

What are the Benefits of Fruit Picking in Canada?

Picking fruit is a cool way to make extra cash and enjoy the outdoors in summer.

The job isn’t too tough, and you can often pick when you want, as long as you meet the quota. And who doesn’t love eating fresh fruit you’ve picked?

Meeting new folks is a bonus. You can travel, earn money, and make friends on your fruit-picking journey. Some places even offer on-site housing, helping you save on rent.

How and Where to Find Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada?

If you read right, you’ll find out that there’s an opportunity for everyone to work as a fruit picker in Canada. The big question is how to go about finding the fruit-picking job.

There are several answers to that question:

Start by Searching Online

Several websites list fruit-picking jobs in Canada, includingJob Bank,Indeed,Workopolis, andGlassdoor list opportunities under the NOC code 85101 for harvesting laborers.

Check out these platforms to find available positions and apply for the ones that match your preferences.�

Keep in mind, there are qualifications and eligibility criteria for each employer and apply for the fruit picking job opportunities with visa sponsorship.

directly is a great approach. You can visit their websites for job postings or simply give them a call to inquire about seasonal positions.�

Also, check with local farm gate markets or fruit and veg stands, as they might have info on available farm jobs in your area.

To get started, here are a few fruit farm websites you can check:

Another way is to Join FB groups likeOkanagan Fruit Pickers

What Skills Do You Need to Be a Fruit Picker in Canada?

Fruit-picking jobs typically need workers to lift around 50 pounds, work long hours outdoors, and involve physical demands like bending and climbing.

Official and years of experience aren’t that important, the employer farms provide the job training.

Employers prefer fit and healthy individuals due to the job’s physical nature. If you’re not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you need to be at least 18 years old and hold a valid work permit.

Always check job descriptions to ensure you meet the requirements before applying.

How Much Do Fruit Pickers Get Paid in Canada?

In Canada, fruit pickers earn between CA$13 and CA$20 per hour, with experienced workers earning toward the higher end, especially if they can operate farm machinery.

Keep in mind that fruit picking jobs are usually seasonal, requiring a valid work permit if you’re not a citizen or permanent resident. Wages vary based on factors like farm, fruit type, location, and experience, generally around minimum wage or slightly above.

Payment is often hourly or based on the quantity of fruit picked, where hard work directly influences earning potential.

Employers must pay at least minimum wage, but the rate depends on province; BC and Ontario generally offer higher pay, while Atlantic Canada is on the lower end due to differences in minimum wage standards.


#1. What are the Best Places for Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada?

The best places for fruit picking in Canada are British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec, which have the majority of fruit farms in Canada.

#2. How to Become a Fruit Picker in Canada as a Foreigner?

To become a fruit picker in Canada as a foreigner, you must have a job in Canada and a work permit; that’s you’re to follow the due process of visa application.


Fruit picking jobs in Canada are recognized in NOC code 85101 as harvesting laborers, it’s one job that won’t fade out.

Why, because, it’s a basic need of man–food. You will find employment opportunities for fruit pickers in Canada around the season aside from winter.

Although, there’s a rise in demand for fruit pickers in Canada, how to get fruit picking jobs in Canada for foreigners as yourself is a work you must do.

This article gives you a head start, but the work is on you. Good luck.