Become a Draftsperson at Incredible Construction Ltd

Are you ready to embark on an exciting career as a Draftsperson? Look no further than Incredible Construction Ltd.

We are seeking a dedicated individual to join our team at our location in Edmonton, AB.

Job Details

  • Location: 1179 Hainstock Green SW, Edmonton, AB, T6W 3B6
  • Salary: $36.00 per hour, 30 hours per week
  • Terms of Employment: Permanent
  • Start Date: Immediate
  • Vacancies: 1


Languages: English

Education: College/CEGEP

Experience: 1 to less than 2 years

Draftsperson Job Responsibilities


As a Draftsperson at Incredible Construction Ltd, you will be responsible for a range of tasks, including:

    1. Develop and Prepare Design Sketches: As a Draftsperson, your primary duty will be to create and develop design sketches. These sketches are essential for visualizing and planning construction projects. Your creativity and attention to detail will play a crucial role in this process.
    2. Prepare Construction Specifications, Costs, and Material Estimates: You will be responsible for preparing detailed construction specifications. This includes creating a comprehensive list of materials, their quantities, and estimated costs. Your work in this area directly impacts the budgeting and planning of construction projects.
    3. Write Specifications: Draftspersons at Incredible Construction Ltd are expected to write detailed specifications for various aspects of construction projects. These specifications ensure that all parties involved in the project, from architects to contractors, have a clear understanding of the materials and methods to be used.
    4. Complete Documentation Packages and Drawing Sets: Thorough and accurate documentation is critical in the construction industry. Your role will involve assembling complete documentation packages and drawing sets. This documentation serves as a guide for construction teams and contributes to the successful execution of projects.
    5. Read and Interpret Blueprints: A significant part of your role involves reading and interpreting blueprints. This skill is vital for understanding the design and layout of construction projects. You’ll need to analyze these blueprints to ensure that the actual construction work aligns with the planned design.
    6. Examine Drawings for Conformity and Errors: Precision is key in the construction industry. You will be responsible for carefully examining drawings to ensure they conform to established standards and specifications. Additionally, part of your role is to identify and rectify any errors or discrepancies in the drawings.
    These responsibilities collectively make you a crucial contributor to the success of construction projects. Your work helps in achieving accurate project planning, cost estimation, and the efficient execution of construction tasks. Your attention to detail and adherence to industry standards play a pivotal role in the company’s commitment to quality and excellence.

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities

  • Attention to detail

Personal Suitability

We value individuals who are:

  • Accurate
  • Client-focused
  • Possess efficient interpersonal skills
  • Flexible
  • Organized
  • Reliable
  • Team players

How to Apply

Interested in this exciting opportunity? Send your application by email to: [email protected].

Who Can Apply to This Job?

Please note that you should apply only if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or hold a valid Canadian work permit.
  • If you do not meet these criteria, we kindly ask that you refrain from applying, as we are unable to respond to applications that do not meet these requirements.

Incredible Construction Ltd values diversity and encourages individuals from all backgrounds to apply.


What does a typical day look like for a Draftsperson at Incredible Construction Ltd?

A typical day involves creating and revising design sketches, collaborating with project teams, and ensuring that construction plans align with project specifications. You’ll also work on documentation and blueprints to support project execution.

Can I apply for this position if I have experience in a related field but not specifically as a Draftsperson?

Absolutely! While direct experience is valuable, we welcome applicants with related experience or skills. Our team values versatility and is open to individuals with a passion for design and construction.

What opportunities for professional growth are available for Draftspersons at your company?

We encourage continuous learning and growth. As a Draftsperson, you’ll have opportunities to take on more significant roles, such as Senior Draftsperson, and participate in ongoing training and development programs to enhance your skills.

Is there room for creativity in the role of a Draftsperson at Incredible Construction Ltd?

Yes, creativity is highly valued. While adhering to construction standards is essential, there’s ample room for creative problem-solving and contributing unique design ideas to our projects. We believe in fostering innovation.

How can I best prepare for the application process?

To prepare, gather your resume, portfolio (if applicable), and a cover letter highlighting your relevant experience and enthusiasm for the role. Be ready to discuss your design and technical skills, as well as your passion for contributing to our construction projects.