7 High In Demand Jobs Available in Canada

The job scene in Canada is changing with the new year. COVID-19 is now considered part of everyday life, but its impact on jobs and businesses lingers.

Experts say there might be an economic downturn in 2023 after high inflation. This situation adds stress for job seekers, whether they’re changing careers or just starting.

Despite the challenges, there are still job opportunities for qualified individuals.�

If you have the right skills and credentials, landing a well-paying job in various industries is still possible. Check out the top 7 sought-after jobs in Canada for 2023.

7 High In Demand Jobs are available in Canada

Find out some top-in-demand jobs available in Canada that can grant you PR:

7 High In Demand Jobs Available in Canada

#1. Sales Representative

Sales Representatives, or sales associates, remain highly sought-after in Canada in 2023.

Even in uncertain economic times, people continue to make purchases, requiring companies to have employees who can sell products and engage with customers.

Sales reps excel in sales environments, possessing extensive product knowledge. Customer-facing service demands comfort in adapting to changing customer needs.


  • Strong customer service skills
  • Highly sociable and outgoing
  • Results-oriented and objective-minded

Explore current job postings for Sales Representatives to find opportunities.

#2. Receptionist

In the office setting, a receptionist holds a vital position, acting as the initial point of contact between customers and the company.

They handle customer service, provide office support, and manage tasks crucial for maintaining a smoothly functioning workplace.

As meeting evolving customer needs remains crucial, receptionists will continue to be in demand in 2023.

Qualifications for Receptionists:

  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Proficiency in managing both physical files and digital record-keeping
  • Possession of an administrative assistant certificate/diploma (for specific roles)

#3. Business Development Officer

Business Development Officers play a role in corporate sales departments. They focus on finding new partnership opportunities within and beyond their sector.�

Collaborating closely with existing corporate partners, they create new projects and expand audience reach.�

This role is sales-oriented, requiring strong interpersonal skills. In response to evolving customer expectations, these officers must be forward-thinking and explore innovative ways to deliver a company’s services.

Qualifications for Business Development Officers:

  • Proficient in both English and French
  • Previous sales experience
  • Effective communication skills

#4. Day Laborer

Day laborers do a lot of different tasks, like working in construction, fixing things, and doing maintenance work.�

They use tools and equipment and need to be safe and know how to use them right. They often have short-term jobs in different places, doing tasks and then moving on to new ones.�

In Canada in 2023, this job is needed in many industries.

To be a day laborer, you need:

  • To be good with tools and machines
  • To be able to do physical work
  • Some jobs might need special certificates
  • You should be able to do different tasks when needed

#5. Software Engineer

 The tech industry has faced tough times, with many people losing jobs from major companies.

Even though these jobs might seem less secure, there’s still a big need for software engineers and programmers.

Despite the ups and downs, the good pay and chances for growth in tech companies will still draw in skilled candidates.

To be a software engineer, you need:

  • A degree, diploma, or certification in software engineering or computer studies
  • The ability to understand and write computer code like HTML, JavaScript, Python, etc.
  • Good problem-solving skills and the ability to come up with creative solutions.

#6. Nurse

Healthcare professionals faced tough times during the pandemic, dealing with challenges while caring for patients in various settings.

Many have left due to extreme burnout, but efforts are being made to attract qualified individuals into the sector for better support and care.

There are opportunities forRegistered Practical Nurses (RPNs),Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), andNurse Practitioners (NPs), but these roles require training and education as quality healthcare demands specialized knowledge and experience.

To be a nurse, you need:

  • Degrees, diplomas, licenses, and certifications in nursing and healthcare
  • Strong people skills and good communication abilities
  • The ability to stay focused and pay attention to details, especially in stressful situations.

#7. Graphic Designer

Nowadays businesses are moving online, and standing out visually in a crowded market remains the only option.

Skilled graphic designers play a key role in creating attention-grabbing visuals, especially with customers having limited time before scrolling away.

Graphic designers are now essential in content creation and marketing departments, particularly due to the significance of social media in business marketing.

They use their artistic skills to craft unique visual brand identities, staying attuned to visual trends.

To be a graphic designer, you need:

  • Strong creative thinking and design skills
  • Familiarity with design programs and software applications
  • Good communication skills to understand and meet clients’ needs.


#1. Which is the best field to get a job in Canada?

There’s no best field for a career choice, it depends on what you specialize in. However, here are some hot cake fields in Canada:

  • Business Management
  • Information Technology (IT) & Computer Science
  • Media & Journalism
  • Human resources
  • Engineering
  • Health and medicine
  • Project management
  • Accounting and finance

These aren’t exhaustion of the list, feel free to do your research.

#2. Do I need a visa to migrate to Canada after employment?

Gaining employment in Canada doesn’t guarantee you entry. All entries to Canada must follow the visa entry system. There areExpress Entry systems, Provincial Nominee Program, etc. Also, there is a specific visa for a profession.


Canada is a growing economy with numerous infrastructures, with ongoing and pending projects across all sectors.

That can only mean that there’s a need for more professionals to be on board.

Canada, no doubt, provides great minds in every sphere but not enough to man the tons of roles.

Check yourself, sharpen your skills, and look for what you can do best with little or no supervision, and head on to Can for a greener pasture.

Before anything, make sure your important documents are handy. Ensure you have a clean police record and enough funds at the bank(at least $12,000).